Opening Speech

Mr. Samy Yonis
Chairman of
Egypt Expo and convention Authority

Over the years, Cairo International Fair has established its distinguished position at the regional and international levels. It has played a significant role in the development of economic and trade relations between Egypt and all participating countries. This fact is also inextricably linked to the importance of Cairo International Fair for exports which is the cornerstone for achieving the economic status of countries.

Building on Egypt's pioneering role in the Middle East and Africa, enhancing the economic welfare which Egypt is seeking for, and believing that Egypt is safe and secure amidst the successive and deliberate events to form an unreal image of Egypt, Egypt Expo and Convention Authority is holding the fifty-first session of Cairo International Fair from 14-23 March 2018 one of the largest international exhibitions in the Middle East and Africa.

Cairo International Fair is the biggest commercial event for its impact on boosting economic and trade relations between Egypt and other countries. It is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with the updates in all fields of industry. In addition to its vital role in exchanging expertise, modern technology and opening new export markets. Cairo International Fair is also a good chance for making commercial transactions and to achieve trade and industrial integration between Egypt and participating countries.

The theme of our current session (Africa now and tomorrow), sprouts from our belief in the importance of perpetual cooperation with our African brothers. Accordingly the State of Cameroon and its Ambassador, the Dean of the African Ambassadors Group, is selected as the guest of honor for the 51st Session.

I have the pleasure to welcome all our guests, participants and visitors from foreign countries and companies wishing them amiable and successful participation in the Exhibition. Last but not least, I welcome the Egyptian exhibitors, the great edifice of the Egyptian industry.

"May God guide us all for the good of our country”