Opening Speech

Dr. Mohamadou Labarang
Ambassador of Cameroon to Egypt &
Dean of the African Ambassadors Group.

Africa, Land of opportunities meets with partners of Middle East with Egypt as facilitating Bridge.

In the perception of many investors around the world, Africa has in recent years, transformed from a continent plagued by wars and diseases into a Land of opportunities and progress.

Investors from all corners of the world are actively competing to secure their fair share of the wealth-sprouting ventures. Our Continent is made up of countries that stand side by side to geographically draw its physical shape, but their desire to weave meaningful and mutually beneficial economic and commercial ties on all levels is the driving incentive to a real and genuine progress for the whole continent. Our unique Intra-African collaboration is the primary catalyst and the reason why Africa enjoys this new status on the global market. And Egypt, today, with its sincere commitment to strategically re-engage its deep-rooted ties with all countries in Africa, is building a solid bridge by inviting us and our partners in the Arab countries to celebrate this extraordinary collaboration.

The relationship between Egypt and Cameroon extends far beyond politics. There are strong cultural and economic aspects that bind our countries together and as an exclusive gateway into Africa, Egypt will always remain an everlasting strategic partner to Cameroon and all African countries.

On behalf of the African Ambassadors Group, I would like to thank Egypt for organizing this International Expo Village at the Cairo International Fair 2018 and I look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation between all participating countries.