Opening Speech

H.E. Eng. Tarek Kabil
Minister of Trade and Industry

The Ministry of Trade and Industry targets the implementation of its 2020 strategy to promote Egypt’s industrial development and foreign trade. This is to keep pace with all international, regional and local approaches, including raising industrial growth and interest in small and medium enterprises and increasing Egyptian exports of non-petroleum products.

International Fairs are one of the most important tools of the ministry to implement its strategy. International exhibitions represent one of the most important promotional tools which the export community depends on in promoting its products and access to international markets. Exhibitions and fairs provide opportunities to learn about the trends and needs of these markets.

Moreover Exhibitions and fairs are also the cornerstone of the local product promotion. They catalyze competitiveness that undoubtedly works to improve the Egyptian products and meet the needs of citizens. International fairs industry is one of the pillars that contribute to national income increase.

Therefore, the Ministry seeks to develop the exhibition and conference industry in Egypt. It welcomes the establishment of new conference halls and specialized fair grounds, whether through the ministry or through other governmental or private entities. The ministry also aims to increase the establishment of specialized exhibitions in all governorates. This could contribute to a surge in the performance of the Egyptian economy.

In this regard, the Ministry of Trade and Industry is hosting “Cairo International Fair”, organized by Egypt Expo and Convention Authority from 14 to 23 March. One of the largest market and most prominent event for international and Egyptian companies in various sectors and products, and which has achieved remarkable success over the past 50 years.

I sincerely thank and welcome all participating countries with their representatives, companies and exhibitors, together with those responsible for organizing the exhibition, wishing them all success.