Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted to be with you today and it gives me a great pleasure to participate in this event . The industry of holding conferences and fairs has been experiencing pivotal changes and remarkable development on both the regional and international levels which qualify it to be an essential source of increasing national income resources of any country. Hence , the Egyptian government is keen to develop conference and exhibitions sector to play more important and influential role i n the national economy benefiting from it's potentials . Under the slogan of '' Egypt: Gate of Trade and Investment'', Egypt is hosting the 50th session of the Cairo international Fair during the period from 15 to 24 March 2017, which is considered the largest trade exhibition even held in the Arab region. This slogan reflects the government strategy in encouraging investments in the Egyptian market during the next phase and retrieving Egyptian, Arab and Foreign investors' confidence through a safe and attractive environment Ladies and gentlemen, The developments the Cairo international fair has witnessed during last years, the expansion of exhibiting space year after year and the increased participation of Arab and foreign countries in the fair's activities assures Egypt's importance on the world exhibition's map Where 650 companies from 13 countries are taking part in this year's fair in addition to 10 countries pavilions. This is also asserts the importance and the attractiveness of the Egyptian market to producers, traders and investors thanks to its expansion, location, engagement with several markets within the frame work of many FTAs signed between Egypt and different economic blocs. It gives me pleasure in this occasion to welcome Egypt guests of exhibitors and representatives of foreign countries and companies, wishing them a pleasant stay and to achieve the intended purpose behind their involvement in the fair. Also, I'd like to welcome the national exhibitors representing the Egyptian industry which was capable of promoting, growing its production and increasing exports despite the difficult circumstances Egypt has been through.